Thursday, 22 October 2015

What I'm watching at the moment...

Suits, Pretty late to the game with this series, so I'm glad there is 3 seasons on netflix to get stuck in to which I was doing this past Sunday, rather enjoying the premise of the smartest guy in the room, its a formula that works for a lot of shows.
Speaking of, I was sceptical at first to start watching the Limitless TV show but really glad I did, another smartest guy in the room show, but with the surprise appearance of Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Carpenter (Deb from Dexter) as a leading role this has some real potential once you get past the first episode.

Walking Dead season 5 is back on our screens as of last week, bit of a slow burning episode to get us started but have a feeling this will be another blinding season!

You me and the apocalypse has really started to peek my interest now we are in to episode 3, lots of plot twists coming up, loving that Rob Lowe is back on English screens.
He is also back on American Screens in Grinder, an actor who played a lawyer in a family of lawyers, and now his show has finished he looking for something to do, a few other faces from Parks and Rec so this should be a good series to follow.
"Last man standing is filmed in front of a live studio audience" it's also a little bit of nostalgia, its Home improvement with different writers, 3 girls instead of boys, still works for me though, glad we are in to the 5th season.
So that's that what I've been diving in to lately, got any recommendations why not let me know.

Cheers for reading...

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