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Tattoo Talk with Lissa from Girlattherockshow

Lissa Evans / Girl At The Rock Show

I’m a London lifestyle blogger with a bit of an alternative twist. I love eating, live music, rock & roll style and independent beauty brands.

So what was your first tattoo and how old where you?
I hate telling this story! I was 14, and my friend Laura and I had these little butterfly tattoos done from flash sheets at a complete dive in Surrey. Mine is under my right hip bone. It’s terrible but Laura sadly passed away in our teens so I will never get rid of it.

Why did you choose that specific design?
For that first tattoo we just picked something we both liked at the time. We didn’t give it any prior thought, just walked in and picked it from the wall.

How many tattoos do you have currently? What are they?
1.       Butterfly under right hip bone
2.       Feather on left wrist
3.       Koi, butterfly and lotus flower side piece
4.       Phoenix back/side/rib piece (not yet finished)
5.       Flamingos in a heart on left thigh
6.       Lovebirds under left hip bone
7.       Heart shaped strawberry on right butt cheek

Do you have a favorite piece? if so what one and why?
My strawberry on my butt is my favourite – it’s a friendship tattoo that matches a peach on the butt of one of my best friends, Georgia.

Did you do a lot of research in to your chosen artist/artists?
The butterfly and feather were just walk ins to a tattooist notorious for not checking ID. Terrible idea!

For my first big tattoo, the side piece, it took me about 2 years to pick an artist. It’s actually a cover up of another awful under aged tattoo and I struggled to find an artist whose style I liked and who I was confident could cover it to a standard I would be happy with. A few artists actually turned me away. But Dom Holmes at The Family Business, London wasn’t phased by it at all, and the results are impressive. Dom is also working on my largest piece, a Japanese phoenix which covers half my back, my right side stomach and across my ribs beneath my right breast.

The flamingos were a special Valentines Day/Friday 13th flash design by Steve Baron at Haunted, London which I saw on their Facebook page and thought was very me. The lovebirds were a design posted on Instagram by Julia Seizure at Skunx, London, which I just loved.
Georgia and I went to Paula Castle at Nevermore, Daventry for our heart fruit butt tattoos as she has tattooed Georgia a few times.

Are you planning on anymore?
I need to get the phoenix completed, but I’m pretty sure I’ll end up with quite a few more in the near future! I want to get my arms started, but I have so many ideas and not enough skin! I also want a few more random small ones on my left thigh – I have some little Disney pieces I want to get done by Georgie Gibbs at Buzz, Shoreham.

A silly question as pain is relative but most painful tattoo?
Without a doubt it’s the two big ones – at the side of my waist and where they wrap onto my stomach a little. Dom told me that where you’re most ticklish is where you’ll find tattoos the most painful, and she wasn’t wrong!

Everyone told me the butt is the most painful place, but both mine and Georgias were a breeze. Virtually painless and healed pretty much instantly!

General reaction from friends and family about your tattoos/body mods? Are they happy about you having them?
People are usually very surprised that I have tattoos at all, let alone such big ones! I have a very traditional day job, and generally quite a girly look, and all but my wrist tattoo are usually covered up so when people catch a glimpse of my torso it’s always a bit unexpected! But I like that.

I don’t know if my friends are happy with me having them – I don’t really care, it’s my body! Partners I’ve had have always liked them. My family however really disapprove, but it isn’t really an issue for me.

Reactions from members of the public about your tattoos/body mods, Good or Bad?
Because you can’t really see them, I don’t get a reaction most of the time. But when I meet people and they find out I have them, or see them, it’s usually surprise. And the question ‘did they hurt?’.

Have you tattoos ever hindered anything you wanted to do, interviews, work, etc?
No. My career is very important to me and I wold never jeopardise that for my appearance. I’m very careful about placement for this reason.

Do you get asked did it hurt a lot? What do you tell people?
I get asked a fair bit. I always say yes, but tell them it was worth it.

Do you find people will touch your tattoo (body mods) without asking? If so how do you deal with it?
I’ve never had this but I think it’s likely due to the placement of mine.

Shout out to the artist/artists hear
I’ve mentioned those I want to already, but I want to give a particular shout out to Dom Holmes – she’s not only a highly in demand tattooist but an amazing artist, and has worked on a few cool collaborations. She’s also written a book called The Painted Lady, which features myself and my side piece. You can visit her website here: http://www.dominiqueholmes.com/

Any parting words?
Nope, that’s all from me!

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