Saturday, 24 October 2015

An evening with Agent November...

So I went to a secret Yelp event in South London last weekend, It was my first one so was pretty excited, we were invited to Gorringe Park Pub in tooting for an evening of mystery.

The pub it's self is pretty cool, lots of quirky art on the walls, a boutique cinema and a nice little garden.
So with a free drink (nice touch) we headed down to start the evening with a secret film in the boutique cinema (by boutique they mean shabby chic and by that they mean in need of some new chairs, as I had to stand for the entire film) that aside we settled in to watch Clue which turned out to be a great film with the likes of Tim Curry and Christopher Lloyd. Through out the film there was a few snacks provided, Monkey Brains was first.... now me and the wife are still not entirely sure what it was but Becca just popped it straight in... well that was a mistake as it came straight back out, it was at that point I thought I would give it a little try.... wasn't for me.
Next up was a corndog which I was excited about to say the least, never had one before but I bloody loved it!

So the film comes to an end and we are sent up to the first floor...
Victor Vacent is dead and your next if you can't figure out who killed him.
Now I can't disclose what went on in that room but it was a lot of fun, looking for clues and figuring out codes, I would highly recommend checking out the services of Agent November as they have loads of activities on offer from indoors like the one I took part in, to running around London looking for clues to solve the puzzles,
Their twitter is @Agentn0vember

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