Saturday, 19 September 2015

Podcasts to give a listen

You might be aware that I am a fan of Podcasts..... So I thought why not give you a little look at whats on my podcast app playlist that you should give a little listen to, in no particular order there is...

Brendan Shaub and Bryan Callen have an amazing dynamic on the Pod, and the caliber of guests is amazing, something for everyone! 

Scroobius Pip does some brilliant long form interviews in which the guests are quite unguarded and open, I recommend starting with Frank Carter or Tall Dark Friend , the Simon Singh episode a swell.
Pip is also doing his first live Podcast at the Leicester Square theater in October!

You either love him or hate him, or think he is a CIA disinformation agent, either way, one of the best Podcasts available today, so much variety in guests along with some great re-occurring ones.

Doug Benson chats about movies with guests, and plays some strange games, this is new to my list but I'm really diging it.

Sal and Brian (2 of the 4 Impratical Jokers) shoot the shiz while pretending to be a bear named Nugget and sometimes there friend Dave Thomas Stops by.

Chris Hardwick and friends have one some amazingly nerdy guests, and not so nerdy as well. Some amazing Pods in the archive.

Part of the Nerdist Network Sandra talks about anything and everything regarding sex! Such a good Podcast, some very interesting topics tackled for sure.

Edumaction Andy teaches Kev Smith shiz! You will learn stuff while listening to this Podcast!

So there we have it, a few of the Podcasts I listen to, there is many more but this is a good base to get started on, why not let me know if there is anything you listen to or have a podcast, I like to add new stuff all the time!

BTW... I was going to add my podcasts in but that's just a bit douchy, but if you are interested there is a link HERE

Cheers for reading...

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  1. The nerdist is one of my faves,will have to try yours out!


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