Wednesday, 9 September 2015

George Christmas event

So I was lucky enough to get to look at the George Christmas range over at Somerset house last week with the Wife.

Christmas but its only early October I hear you say....

Well I bloody love Christmas so I pretty excited.

So there were a few rooms, the first one we went in to after signing in had some really nice home stuff on display, I will be getting some when it goes on sale for sure.

Then we strolled in to the second room which was full of the new range of clothes for women, so I kinda started to lose interest, although just like a magpie I spotted some shiny rose gold shoes which were awesome!

Then on to the what I would call the main fashion room which I thought might have some men's clothes in... it did... well one suit which was there because of a gown tat was on display, apart from a Christmas tree made from kids clothes I had now lost interest and headed back to a craft room.

 So after me and Becca made something that sort of resembled a candle holder ( we weren't that good at it to be honest) we decided to pop out in to London to have a look at the Freemason museum.

we nearly forgot to ask for the goodie bags, and when we did I was told there is nothing in them for men.... but I was taking one anyway, and when I had a look when I got outside it had an awesome toy robot tree decoration!

So all in all it wasn't a bad day!

Only 106 Days to CHRISTMAS!!!

Cheers for reading...

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