Monday, 28 September 2015

Another bird tattoo... George the Parrot

So next week Steve over at SkunxTattoo, is adding another bird in to my sleeve, I'm having a parrot to join the owl and crow I already have, but not any old parrot, I'm having my Parrot George (with a twist) put on my inner forearm.

This is George btw.... he is a twat but I quite like him now*

George is a Senegal Parrot, now this species of parrot has only been domesticated for a few generations, he should be full green and orange but he escaped a few years ago for an hour or so and when he came back he lost all his feathers over the next few months, vet said it was due to stress, good news is that ever time he sheds his feathers for his winter or summer coat he gets more and more of his top coat back.

He isn't great at taking selfies..

*So we are friends now, but it has been a rocky 7 or so years where we pretty much hated each other, he is my wifes parrot for sure but over the last 2 years we have started to bond, mostly over food, he loves to get stuck in.
Won't let me even pick him up, let alone have a chill on his back in my hands

So the twist I'm getting is George is getting a new hair style, a rockabilly quiff , once it's started I will pop some photos up over on my Instagram and do a post.

So let me know if you have a bird, what they get up to.

See Ya

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  1. I've never personally had a bird but my childhood neighbour had a parrot as well and I just remember they used to let it fly around the house when all the windows were closed! Also that's so cool about you're tattoo, I've had a design planned for months now just haven't got round to getting it done!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!xxx


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