Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Not so retro Sega

So due to the house move we have been cleaning out the attic, and I though i struck gold when I found the wife's old mega drive, little did I know it would be a giant pain in my ass!

So we get it out and try tun it in to the TV which takes a while to get right, but I finally did it and boom.... terrible picture, RF cable is busted.

So pop off to the retro game and console shop and grab the scart cable they do for the mega drive, that should do the job, while I'm there I grabbed a multi game cart which streets of rage on, Roadrash which is an amazing game and the Krusty the clown Simspons game.

Back home and the cable will not fit no matter how hard I try, I even had the mega drive apart to check the connections, nothing wrong so try again and the cable just falls to bits.

Cue to us back in the motor on our way back to the console shop with mega drive in hand and the guy behind the counter (who was really helpful) couldn't get it to work either, so with a replacement RF cable we were back off home to enjoy some retro nostalgia, I can't wait to hear that sweet sound of 

So the RF cable will not tune in correctly just a fuzzy as shit picture and no sound, it was at this point we decided to cut our losses and say goodbye to the mega drive. 

RIP old friend.

Well the story doesn't stop there, I went searching on line to see if we could another one, which I wasn't to keen on to be honest as you don't know what you will actually get, and people want some silly money for them. I came across a website advertising a new mega drive with wireless controllers and 80 built in games, and also played all the old cart's but it was sold out and was not being restocked, then for some reason I tried Argos.... home run, they had some in stock and at my local store, I found this at about 15 mins before the store closes, so reserved one and walked my ass up to the store in double time.

For £49.99 it was worth a punt and boy am I glad I went for it!

So we plugged this little fella in, it's just an AV cable so can be played on any TV.

It was like I was 10 years old sat in my room playing my old mega drive, same crappy graphics and same crappy music, I loved it. Golden ax and Streets of rage got a playing over the weekend to name but a few of the 80 games I had to have a go on, there was so many to choose from I couldn't decide what to play first.

So if you are after a bit of nostalgia and don't mind that its not a retro console, do yourself a favor and get yourself one of these for sure.

Cheers for reading...

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  1. my dad had a sega mega drive and I remember when we discovered it we loved it!
    played streets of rage and also sonic the hedgehog of course.
    Not actually sure where it is now though, my brother probably has it somewhere!

    also when I saw the title of this post, for some reason I thought it was going to be in Spanish! Haha now it seems obviously English


  2. I loved Sega games and I was kind of obsessed with Sonic when I was a kid.

  3. My word, this brings back memories! Have fun with the Sega Mega Drive. Was never really my kind of thing but I know many who loved them.


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