Thursday, 9 July 2015

Magic Mike XXL

So there will be a guest review coming from my good lady wife Queenbeebecca but let me tell you about my thoughts...

So there was me and another husband who had been dragged along by the look on his face... Now if you know me you will know I am a massive fan of Mr Tatum and have seen pretty much every film he has been in, so it was inevitable that I was going to see this movie so I thought why not take the wife to see it.

That being said it wasn't that bad to be honest, they tried to get a bit more of a story line in to this one and it works if you ask me, although there is no scope for a 3rd one that's for sure.
Some funny bits for sure and the addition of Donald Glover was a nice touch.

It actually gets 3 stars from me... but I'm sure it will get more from the wife, check back in soon to see her review.

Cheers for reading...

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