Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Love Hate Tag....

So I was tagged to do the love/hate post, here it goes...

All shoes, from trainers to boots to flipflops!

As I grew up in the country it was inevitable really.

Sons of  Anarchy
What  a TV show!

My Dogs
It's silly how happy they make me.

Onion rings
I have sampled multiply bags to find the best packet, Tesco are ahead at present.

Fresh Socks
Nothing better then a new pair of socks.

They make everyone a bit better to look at in most cases 

Gotta love 2 people smashing the shit in to each other

I mean come on... it's bacon

Hair clips
Hairdressers husband problems!

Just think they are a bit to big for there own boots 

Public Transport 
The public... what bastards!

The top knot
Come on! Really!

Facebook Videos
You won't believe what happens next videos that are like 2 years old...

So what gets your goat?

Cheers for reading...

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See ya


  1. Haha this was awesome! 'The public... What's bastards!' Lmfao!!
    When I get go cinema and they ask where I want to sit, I always say away from people! Lol

    Bex x

    1. Same here, I love it when the pictures are empty and you have the place to yourself!

  2. Yes for bacon! It's the best.

    Sarah x


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