Friday, 3 July 2015

Jurassic World 2015

So I have been to the flicks to see ever film so far in the Jurassic franchise, so it was a given that I was going to see Jurassic world as soon as I had the Chance.

Now the film in its own right is amazing due to the effects but the story line leaves a little to be desired, and even though I just said the effects are amazing I think they are also the reason I didn't love this film as much as I wanted to, it's lost a bit of the magic due to all the CGI, now I know everything must evolve and I understand they couldn't use the animatronics from the first but that's why some of the magic is lost. in my opinion.

Now the story line is pretty ironic, even though a bit weak, in which a faceless corporation putting out something just to make money, the writers/producers seems to grasp this and run with it which I liked as a faceless film corporation has put out another movie to make money.

There is some great nods to the original film which I also liked and with the addition of Chris Pratt as the leading role you were always going to have a blockbuster regardless of the story line, all the original fans like me wanted to see what direction they went, and all the new generation of fans get to see their first Jurassic Park film at the cinema, its a shame that Entourage went up against it on its opening weekend as it had no chance really.

If you are a fan then be sure to go and see it but be prepaired for a numb ass as it runs about 2 hours long.

It gets 3 Stars from me, a good attempt at bringing this franchise to the new generation.

What have you been to see lately, anything good?

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