Thursday, 30 July 2015

A guild to buying a house...

So me and Becca are finally buying a house, its an interesting, stressful and awesome ordeal all rolled in to one!

Everyone and there mate has advice when buying a house so I thought I would put together some of the stuff I have found out over the past few months...

Estate agents can go from your best buddy to an absolute knobhead in no time flat, but remember there is loads of them and they work for you... they need you.

Don't bother putting stuff away in storage, if you haven't used it lately then you most likely can do with out it.

It's a roller coaster, you will fall in love with houses, and a lot of them will break your heart, but once you find the one, you will know.

Try and do your dealing over the phone or face to face, the tone of emails are easily misunderstood.

Go back for a second viewing, and third for that matter, but saying that, once you know and feel the house is for you, it probably is.

One your offer has been accepted the house stays on the market until at least the survey is booked, its a bit shit if you ask me.

Owning a house will be more expensive than you thought (so i'm told) only time will tell, but if the boiler goes its your responsibility to sort it, can't go running to your landlord.

Try and enjoy it is my overall finding, it may get stressful but the pay off  will be worth it I'm sure.

If you have any tips why not share them.

Cheers for reading...

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