Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Snoreeze Products Review

So do you Snore?

As someone who does (although there is a reason as to why I do which will come up later) I had the chance to test out some products from Snoreeze

Now I will admit that I approached this with some skepticism but have been pleasantly surprised with what I found.
I answered a few questions and it was suggested I try the oral strips product.
(remember the extra mint strips from years ago) well they looked and tasted a bit like them. 
 To use these is very simple, you just pop one on the roof of your mouth and let it dissolve, it has a fresh minty taste which was great and dissolves quite quickly and then you go out your nightly routine.

Now my nightly routine is to then put in a mouth guard as I grind my teeth like a cow all night!
So first couple of nights with the strip and there was no change as far as I'm aware, I was still having a little snore.
To give the strips a fair go I went with out the guard the 3rd time around and there was a noticeable improvement, the problem is I can't really go with out the guard as it feels like I have been punched in the mouth the next morning.
(Maybe the wife is giving e a couple of digs in the night... we will never know)
So a 2 week supply is £4.95 and 4 weeks is £8.50 which is not unreasonable price a month if this product was to help with your snoring.

So after speaking with Snoreeze about what I had found they were still keen on helping me out and sent me a 2nd product to try.

A few days later the oral device turned up, as some one who has worn a mouth guard for years while playing sport or sleeping it went straight in to some boiling water for about 10 seconds and then in my mouth to mold it to my teeth and jaw shape.
For a more detailed description you can look HERE and this is all on a handy information sheet that comes with the product.
The 2 thing to remember is to make sure the triangle indicator is on the top so you have got it the correct way up and use the separator provided so the top and bottom do not bond to each other when you are biting down.
So after biting down for about 15 seconds pop it in some cold water and you have a device molded to your mouth shape.
I also like that it comes with a protective case, something you really need when it comes to mouth guards.

First night and it was a very different feeling to my guard I got from the dentist, but as it is used to prevent sleep apnoea and snoring not grinding that is understandable.
Now it takes some getting used to but after a few nights it is pretty easy to sleep in and even with my skepticism I was surprised to find that it did seem to stop the snoring!
(If it don't see any improvement in the snoring department it is advised you adjust the device with the hex key provided to bring the bottom jaw forward slightly, all the information on adjustment can be found HERE)

So for £27.99 it is worth a go in my book to see if this can help with your snoring, why not try one out, if not for you for the sake of the people you live with!

Cheers for reading...

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*Items were provided free by Snoreeze www.snoreeze.com

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