Monday, 25 May 2015

Zone Alarm Security Software

So I was sent some new software to try out this week, the nice people over at Zone Alarm gave me a copy of there latest anti virus to install on my laptop.

So I downloaded the program files, and away I went.
(2nd time lucky as my laptop decided it was just going to shut down half way through)

The installation time is pretty quick which is a bonus as I really hate waiting around.
There is nice and simple clean looking progress bar that lets you know how you are getting on.

The front navigation page is super simple, with 3 separate sub sections all with different features in.

So first thing I did was use the PC Tune up tool, there is a lot of functionality within this section of the program but as long as you read through it is pretty easy to use, you set what you want the program to do and leave it running, then you wait.
(In my case it was quite a while but I think my laptop is actually quite poorly)

So 126 problems later it's time to repair then move on to the defrag.
The repair and defrag only took about 4 or 5 minutes which impressed me quite a bit, so time to test the PC for a few hours.

*Some time has now passed.

Well there is nothing bad to report, so lets have a look at the other features you get.

Anti virus/Anti-Spyware pretty standard but needed, and for extra protection you have the advantage of an Advanced Firewall (mine had blocked over 1300 attempts while I am writing this).
So as for Web and Privacy you have parental control ( not a feature I need yet but still pretty handy)
One feature I really like is the Anti Keylogger!
The last lot of features available are find my laptop, which I hope I never need to use but give you peace of mind as you can locate your laptop and recover data remotely, 5GB of online storage for backups (can never have enough online storage if you ask me)

There is a few other features which I still need to play around with but if you are looking for a one stop shop of computer security then Zone alarm gets my recommendation.

Cheers for reading...

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*Software was provided free from Zone Alarm there website address is

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