Thursday, 21 May 2015

Time to get real with fitness and weight loss!

So after months of putting it off and saying, oh I'll start next week I have finally got my act together and got on my weight loss fitness journey.

First off I got my self a fitbit, you can see my review here.
I am now obsessed with how many steps I do a day and get a right old sense of achievement when I meet my daily goals!

Next I went on a diet, I used to follow Slimming world a few years ago but the red and green days didn't really float my boat so packed it in, I am at a new group now doing the extra easy plan, which I enjoy more but my good do I miss bread and family size bags of onion rings (If you know me in person you would know i used to much bags of them) I also miss lucozade, that has always been a vice of mine and a hard thing to give up, the sugar free and diet soft drinks are no substitute for its sugary goodness!
So five week in I'm down 8lbs (had a rocky 2nd and 3rd week) and feel much better for it.
Also with this group the dude who runs it don't take no shit and calls you out if you put on weight, which I like as there is some accountability when you have to explain why to a room full of people. Please don't confuse this with fat shaming as everyone who is there wants to lose weight, its is done in a positive way, we ain't all there going hey fatty boom boom!

Lastly I went back to the gym, alot of weights and battle ropes with some light cardio is what I'm going for at present and I'm really enjoying getting back in to it.

Next up is some sort of combat sport, I used to box on and off a few years ago but I feel like a change so might give some Mauy Thai or BJJ a looking in to once I'm down a few more lbs.

Well that's all my 17st ass has to say about it so far but expect some more posts soon!

If any one has any tips or shiz then please don't be shy.



  1. I'm just starting my fitness journey too, so I will have to make sure I keep an eye on your blog. It's good that you found a way of doing it that suits you :) can't sayin ready for the gym yet haha, but good for you. Keep it up! Ray xx

  2. Well done you! I haven't got a fitbit, but I downloaded a step counter app and I'm also obsessed! If I don't hit 10,000 a day I feel I've let myself down. The food plan sounds good - but I don't think I could do without toast, I'm so weak when it comes to food! I had to google what battle ropes were, and good luck getting BJJ. It sounds like you're doing a great job - good luck with the rest of your journey!


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