Sunday, 31 May 2015

+Rehab London Scrub Up Daily Detox

So as I have gotten older I have decided to try and look after myself a bit more. So I jumped at the chance to try out a new face scrub from Rehab London.

So the Scrub up daily detox contains Sand of tahiti and bamboo which clears your clogged pours, helping to prevent blackheads and ingrowing hairs.
With added pumpkin seed oil this scrub doesn't leave your skin dry, I can vouch for this after 6 days of using it every evening.

Quick warning, it doesn't have a thick consistences, I learnt this the hard way after I squeezed it out. 
One thing I did like was there wasn't much of a smell to this product which was a plus in my book.

So you apply this to your wet face, massage it in and rinse, its as easy as that.

The price is about average for this scrub and they test men not animals, it also free from DEA's, Parabens, SLSs, Sulfates, Silicones and palm oil, which I assume is a good thing otherwise they wouldn't of put in on the front of the product.

So what do you do to keep your skin in check?

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