Wednesday, 20 May 2015

My Top 10 Netflix TV Show Recommendations

So for my Second go at this we are going with

Theses are in no particular order but should all be watched!

Sons of Anarchy!!!
If you listen to my Podcast you will know I love SOA... some would say probably a little to much as well, all I will say is if you haven't seen this show stop reading this post and sort it out!

Orange is the new black
It was my wife Queenbeebecca who turned me on to this, I really wasn't going to bother with it, but am so glad I gave it a chance, I have even booked of the season 3 release day!

The League
When I recommended this to a few people they all came back with the same reaction, why they hell do you like this show... I asked my self the same question and to be honest I'm really not sure, all I will say is give it a go with an open mind.

Him and Her
Good ole fashioned British comedy, and any thing with Joe Wilkinson is a winner!

Every ones favourite serial killer, that was until the network fucked up the ending!
(I only just watched the last series so am still bitter about it)

The L word
A good friend turned me on to this, bit of slow burner but well worth staying with it till the end.

Better call Saul
A prequel that's just as good as the original series in my eyes.

Another great project from Marvel, Charlie Cox and Vince D'onofrio are sublime.

Brooklyn 99
Two words.... Terry Crews!

Breaking Bad
Late to the game with this but wow did it suck me in.

There we go, another 10 shows to get stuck in to... why not let me know what you have been watching or recommend.



  1. Orange is the new black and better call Saul are both on my list of things to watch, but if you haven't already, I'd recommend watching House of Cards - it's amazing!

    1. Not the first person to say that to me, when i get a free day i will dive in to it and see what its like :)

  2. Wahhh Dexter is so good, only half way through boxset though. I've heard from many people the ending is a bit crap :(

  3. Really want to watch Orange is the New Black, mainly because Captain Janeway, er, sorry, Kate Mulgrew is in it! I have serious catching up to do with SOA, but that show definitely rocks, and I love the soundtracks :)

    ♥.•*¨ Amanda Says ¨*•.♥


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