Friday, 8 May 2015

Finally got round to seeing Avengers Age Of Ultron

Well Age of Ultron is in the running for my new favourite Marvel film...

Although there is one thing, I can look past Capt being a super solider, and Eric turning in to the Hulk, and Tony being able to invent all the crazy shit he dose, and not to forget Thor is a god.... but why the hell does Hawkeye never run out of bloody arrows!

But looking past that I absolutely adored this movie, from the bad jokes to the whole Widow/Hulk love story, it all came together brilliantly, and I'm glad Paul Bettany actually got to show off his acting skill as well.

This gets a massive thumbs up from me, just gutted I didn't really have time to go and see it before last night.


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  1. Hoping we will eventually see it but might have to wait of the dvd!
    Two Hearts One Roof


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