Wednesday, 22 April 2015

So I got myself a Fitbit Charge

I'll just get it out of the way now...
I am obsessed with how many steps I do a day now!

So after a brief fling with the Mi Band (which I loved and was gutted when it went faulty) I grabbed a a Misfit Flash, I was on my way to buy a Fitbit but the store clerk talked me in to the misfit, it went back the next morning as it just didn't feel comfy on the wrist and I paid the difference and got myself a Fitbit charge.

Right from the get go I was in love with it, its so light, sometimes I have to check it's still on my wrist, which it always is due to the nifty double clasp you get.

So the charge has loads of features, it has a watch which was a plus for me as I collect watches, then step counting, distance tracking, floors climbed, calories burned as well as sleep monitoring.
You can also set it as an alarm and to show call notifications, which is a great feature if you are in a meeting and your phone is on silent.

The charge has between 7 to 10 days battery life which is not as good as the Mi Band or the Misfit but with all the extra features its understandable and not a bit hassle.
It can hold up to 7 days of data before you need to sync it but its recommended to sync daily.
You can sync to the app on your smart phone or to PC as the charge comes with a Bluetooth adaptor which is a nice touch, although who doesn't have phone these days.
A nifty feature on the charge is it can be set to respond to a tap on the screen, and it will show which ever feature above to be displayed.

The biggest downfall is its not IP63, so its splash proof but not wearable in the shower.

The app is pretty straight forward to use.
You have a dashboard which shows all the stats of the day after you have synced.

You can also track exercise, calories, weight with the charge.

As well as fitness you can track your sleep with this band, there is no buttons to press just keep it on when you go to bed and all the data is shown in the app the next morning.

There is tabs for what clock you want to show, personal greeting when you turn on the tracker, the goals you want to achieve, alarms and what stats you can toggle through on the bracelet's screen

Then there is the challenges, you can compete against other users and collect badges for achievements, I like the social aspect side from fitbit, it spurs you on to do more if you are competing against other people.

The fitbit maybe £69 but it is well worth it! 
If you like a bit of tech and a few gimmicks then this is the fitness tracker for you.

It gets the Tattooed Owl Thumbs Up!



  1. I'm the same, I never used to care how many steps I took, now it's a daily challenge to beat yesterday's score!

  2. WOW This is awesome. I should get something like this as well especially for sleeping to control it haha

    thanks for sharing


    Dominika from

  3. I've heard so much about Fitbit, but I just can't decide if I want that or the FT4 Polar Watch (which isn't as pretty, but it does the job) haha :) great post


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