Wednesday, 1 April 2015

ShipCon 2015

So the first ever Ship comic convention in a pub was this weekend and I was lucky enough to be asked to do some live podcasting, which was an experience indeed.

I have been on the radio a few times and obviously do the Podcast ever week but actually being up in front of a crowd and interacting with them was a nice change of pace. We were also able to bring up some previous guests like Harry from Hot Rocket Comics

 Thomas Dennett-Cook form Reviews from the Outer Rim jumped on stage to have a chat ( if you do give the pod a listen you will hear that me and Carl have been calling him Denton-Cook since we met him and he was to nice to correct us, his lovely other half on the other hand had no issue in telling us our mistake) Mrs Reviews from the Outer Rim then joined us on stage to take Carl on in a special round of so you call yourself a fan, have a listen to see who won.

So there was loads of other stuff to do over the weekend, from a Mario cart competition to grabbing some comics you needed for you collection from Hot Rocket Comics. (which I did)

Then on to the guests, Saturday was the very funny Simon Fisher-Becker from Dr who, now I'm not the biggest Who fan but he such a good stage presence I found myself really listening to what he had to say he is really funny and a super nice bloke as well.
Sunday saw Mike Tucker of Red Dwarf and Dr Who special effects and props on stage.

The audio will be up soon and can be downloaded from HERE

Would like to thank the team for having us on stage and hope to be back for the next one.



  1. Looks like a cool event, there defiantly seems to be a lot more indie conventions popping up, which is good

  2. I think it might be the way to go, get a lot better interaction with the guests for sure


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