Sunday, 12 April 2015

My first taste of the darker side of PR

So a few weeks ago I had a little run in with a company's PR person which I turned in to a very strange chain of events.

I was contacted to review a product, all that was mentioned before the item was sent that is that I had to review it within a time scale and I got to keep it after.

So once it arrived and I fired off an email to let them know it was here I received another email that kinda puzzled me.

It was stating that I was not allowed to post my review until it had been checked by the PR person, now my understanding is that sponsored and paid for posts have some level of copy approval but a gifted item its just a gifted item to review by the blogger.

At first I was confused and sent back an email asking if they were saying what I though they were saying, "that I couldn't post to my own blog?"
Their reply was I can post what I like on my blog but this post still needs to be checked, now I do have a bit of a temper and truth be told, after looking back if it had be phrased in a manner such as 
" Would I be able to see the post before it goes live?" 
Instead of the demand I might of just gone along with it, but as it didn't go down this way I though f*#k it and went in guns blazing.

So some heated emails went back and forth with me basically asking the same questions of why this was required over and over!
First of all, they were saying it was a requirement, which not stated before the item was sent I will add again, then it was for spelling, grammar and profanity's which I have spell checker for and if I want to swear I will.
So the next reply was very pedantic in my opinion, along the lines of, if it was pointed out there was a spelling or grammar mistake would I still put the post out.... This is where I lost it!
I Just sent an email saying that I was no longer willing to work with this company.
So the item was going back now!
I was sent an envelope to send it back in which had a special delivery sticker that was already used on it (very strange) so sent it back and will not be dealing with this company in the future.

All in all it was a strange few days....



  1. Ah, I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience with a PR. It can be super tricky establishing what is required of you sometimes as I do find them all to be a little too casual with the e-mails for my liking. In my opinion you did the right thing, I'd never have anyone else telling me what I can or can not write on my own blog. Well done for sticking up for yourself!

    Natasha |

    1. Thanks for the support, I did doubt it was the right thing to not work with them but it seems to of been the right choice.



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