Sunday, 12 April 2015

Me and my Mi Band

So on my quest to try and get a bit more healthy I decided to get a fitness tracker band, now after some research I went with the Mi Band, at £16 it was a proper bargain ( and I am known to go through fads with things so I didn't want to spend £70 to £100 on a band if I wasn't going to use it after a few weeks) It has rave reviews from the Tech Advisor blog so I thought why not, with a clickide click on Amazon it was here  in 3 days.

There is no English instructions but I had done some prior research and found you needed to download the Mi app, so straight out the box and synced to the my S4  in seconds, it was so easy but would also prove to be my undoing, but I will get to that later.

After a few hours I was super happy with it and like I said for £16 it was surprisingly good fitness tracker, it was live on the app per say, you had to sync it every time you open the app and then it is about 4 or 5 steps behind but these are not bad points in my eyes.
There is no viable display so everything is app based, but it can hold up to 20 days of information so you don't have to keep it constantly synced to your phone.
The rubber strap is comfy enough and the tracker is so light I forgot I was wearing it after 10 mins.

So on to the sleep monitoring, turns out I don't get to much deep sleep as I though, which is probably why I am always tired, it wasn't entirely accurate though, you can edit the times and data if you want/need but it's still good enough function for the price. 

So this went on for about 9 days and I am over the moon with this little tracker.
Now my undoing, I had read that you get about 30 days out of one charge, I hadn't charged mine, I just started using it straight out the box, and when it ran out of charge last night I popped it in the little cradle charger you get and it was flashing away as it was meant to, so I left it for a few hours and come back thinking it was charged as the lights were indicating, go to sync it back to my phone and it turns out mine is faulty and don't hold its charge.

Now it could be the charger I hear you ask, well I brought the wife one as well and her's charges in both cradle charges, mine sadly dose not.

So it's on to bigger and brighter things for me as I love having a fitness tracker it turns out.

The Mi band is going back and a FITBIT with be replacing it.

This in no way reflects on the Mi band in general, I would still have one in a heartbeat as it is an amazing bit of tech for the price, (it's also waterproof which I forgot to mention)
 So my advice would be to see if it charges right away.



  1. ooh i heard about that...Let us know how it works out for you.
    I recently just decided to go to the gym.
    Cool post! :-)
    New post on the blog : THE GREAT ESCAPE
    Greets Jon

    1. Got myself the fit bit, the best one out of the 3 fitness bands I have tried by far, really recommend

  2. Such a shame it didn't hold its charge. I was gearing up for ordering myself one as I do a lot of fitness but always thought one of these would just be a fad so couldn't justify £50-£100. I do love the idea of sleep monitoring though! Great post.

    MANFACE Men's Skin Care, Grooming & Beauty Blog

    1. Cheers, the wife's mi band is holding up well i would recommend it if you want a cheap fitness band but now I have the fitbit I would say if you can spend the £70 on one it is well worth it.


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