Monday, 6 April 2015

Brainwavez S1 Headphone Review

So headphones are a big part of my life, weather it be work or play I use them every day, so when I was asked if I wanted to test out some S1 headphone from Brainwavz I jumped at the chance.

I listen to podcasts on my commute to and from work daily, the rest of the day the headphones are in my pocket or my bag so usually get tangled all up on themselves, no longer an issue with the awesome hard case you get.

They headphone are made from high grade aluminium so when they aren't in the case they are rugged enough for the trials and tribulations of day to day use which is handy.
So comfort is a big factor when I pick out headphones and it's mostly down to the ear buds that come on them, now with the Brainwavez you get a massive choice of buds/tips
( 9 in fact ) to fit ears of all shapes and sizes, I honestly have never seen so many with one set of headphones, its a really nice touch.
You even get a set of memory foam buds/tips as well which I am a huge fan of!
(Another nice touch is that you get an aeroplane jack adaptor.)
Once you find the right bud/tips for your ear there is no leakage so you can have a listen to that guilty pleasure of a song and the people around you will be none the wiser ( unless you start to sing along out loud that is. )
They also isolate ambient noise rather well, I was recording at a live show last week and used them to listen to the audio as we recorded and was really impressed.

I thought the over the ear  design would be a sticking point but with the flat wire and over all lightness of the headphones I didn't really notice it, and with it being over the ear I did find them a bit more stable when moving around.

After comfort next on the list is sound quality, and Brainwavz have nailed this, the audio is crisp and clear weather its a podcast or music you are listening to.

So style is also something that is a factor when picking products and accessories, the matt purple paired with charcoal isn't bad looking at all and I didn't think twice about wearing them weather I was on my way to work or off out and about.

As for the price, I would of been happy to pay £37 for them on Amazon as you get a lot of headphone  fort that price and if you read the reviews it seems a lot of people agree with me.


*Headphones were gifted by the nice people at Brainwavz, all opinions are 100% my own. 


  1. These look like pretty good headphones, I'm currently using my big beats at the moment but these look better for travelling with x

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