Sunday, 8 March 2015

Zoom H1 Review

So after much faffing about with apps and tablets and add on mic's for phones I took the plunge and got an MP3 recorder.

After a bit of research I settled on the Zoom H1

Why I waited so long is lost on me now as the audio quality is amazing compared to everything I have used before now to record the podcasts.

So the Zoom H1 is the cheapest in the range of products Zoom do but it doesn't mean you loose any quality and for £65 it is a proper bargain!
(I would give the accessories pack a miss though)

So the audio is rather good because it has an X Y mic configuration, there is also a mic in jack so you can plug in a separate microphone as well, not something I have tried yet but it's nice that I have that option. 

So you can record in MP3 or WAV but the first thing I would do is get a bigger Micro SD card as the 2gb one you get, you can only record for 3 or 4 minutes for some reason, I popped in a 32gb and bobs your uncle loads of recording time.
It is also really easy to use with one button recording which is a feature I really like about this recorder.

So you can listen to the recordings with the on board mic or through the jack input which you can also listen to yourself live recording which is handy indeed. There is play, FF and RWD buttons on the side which are a bit flimsy but that's the only bad point about the product I have found so far.

So the best accessories you can get are a little tripod and a wind shield, which are both cheap on the ole Ebay.

There is a lot of other features which I still haven't got round to testing out yet, for a "cheap" recording device there is quite a few.

So this gets a big fat thumbs up from me well worth the money indeed.

You can listen to the audio on the Podcast links below.

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