Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Birthday Weekend

So this weekend I turned the ripe old age of 28... but I would freely admit with the amount of grey in my hair I wouldn't be surprised if you thought I was a bit older.
My lovely cake made by The Wife

So I got some new kicks (I know right surprise surprise )
I finally went for a pair of Gum Sole Reebok (JD Exclusives) that I have been back and forthing over for a few months. 

Reebok sizing is a bit off with my feet but they are super comfy and I will be adding the high tops to my collection in the near future.
Obligatory Birthday socks as well of course, trusty Burton.

I was also at Shipcon 2015 (covered in another post which is coming up) doing some Podasting, so grabbed a few comics to add to the collection.

My buddy also took me for Tapas and Ice Cream, not any Ice Cream it was a HUGE Ice Cream 
check out the Video Here

All in all it was a good weekend.



  1. It sounds like you had a fantastic birthday and I love the look of your trainers! I am VERY jealous of that ice-cream it looks AMAZING! x

  2. Your wife makes one awesome cake! Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday, it sounds like it was a great one.



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