Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Tattoo Talk with Katy from The Lilac Scrapbook

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Name - Katy

 I have a blog called The Lilac Scrapbook, which is mainly a lifestyle blog but I often incorporate books, beauty and fashion.

So what was your first tattoo and how old where you? 
My first tattoo was a rose on my foot which I got when I was 18, just a few days after my birthday!
Why did you choose that specific design?
I had wanted a rose for 2 years, since my Grandad died, because he had one rose placed on his coffin so it meant a lot to me.

How many tattoos do you have currently? What are they? 
I have 4; the rose on my foot, a bee on my ankle, a moth on my ribs and then Curiosity on one arm, & Knowledge on the other arm.

Do you have a favourite piece? if so what one and why?
I love them all equally but the rose is probably my favourite, as it was my first one and I had waited so long for it.

Did you do a lot of research in to your chosen artist/artists? 
I have always looked into artists previous work, and my last tattoo was done by an artist who has tattooed the lead singer of one of my favourite bands.

Are you planning on any more? 
So so so so many more! I want a sun and moon design, and a Shakespeare quote. I’d also love Frank Sinatra’s mug shot as a tattoo, haha.

A silly question as pain is relative but Most painful tattoo?  
Undoubtedly my ribs! I literally nearly walked out halfway through, the pain was horrific. I came out with bruised arms where I’d dug my fingernails in.

General reaction from friends and family about your tattoos/body mods? Are they happy about you having them?
My friends don’t really care either way – some think my tattoos are really cool though. My family are fine for the most part, they just don’t mention it; but my mum is soooo anti tattoos, I get a lecture every time.

Reactions from members of the public about your tattoos/body mods, Good or Bad?
I don’t think a stranger has ever commented on my tattoos before if I’m honest!

Have you tattoos ever hindered anything you wanted to do, interviews, work, etc?
Thus far, luckily no. I’m hoping that remains the same!

Do you get asked did it hurt a lot? What do you tell people? 
That’s normally the first question I get asked, and I tell them of course it hurts like what do you except, anyone who tells you differently is a liar! But it’s a type of pain that’s worth it, and obviously everyone’s pain thresholds are very different.

Do you find people will touch your tattoo (body mods) without asking?
If so how do you deal with it? 
That’s never happened to me but if they didn't I’d probably just flick them on the nose and tell them to go away.

Any parting words? 
If you want a tattoo, don’t just get one for the sake of it. Think long and hard about it – luckily I don’t regret any of mine, and I still like all of the designs but I know some people who don’t like some of theirs any more…So just be 100% sure!

Thanks a lot to Katy for taking part, be sure to go and check out her blog and if you would like to feature on Tattoo Talk then shoot me an email or a tweet.


  1. They're some lovely tattoos! The bee is beautiful, it's a really unique design. It sounds like Katy's been really lucky with people reacting to her tattoos!


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