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Tattoo Talk With Dominic from The Beardtrend

So its time for some more...
Name: Dominic Cope

The Beardtrend
My site initially started off as a blog about the bearded lifestyle after growing a beard myself back in 2013. I enjoy talking about tips and maintenance, plus have had the opportunity to review products for your beard. I didn't want to remain one dimensional though and do diverse to talk about parenting as I have two girls and include a few aspects of my lifestyle and the choices I make. 

So what was your first tattoo and how old where you?
I was 17, and it was a small tribal (I know, I'm sorry!) piece at the top of my shoulder. 

Why did you choose that specific design? 
I'd had an obsession with tattoos and was really eager to get one. It was all very rushed. I did not think about it too much and picked a design out of a tattooists book. I don't regret it though. Genuinely. It reminds me of my teenage years and sticks a smile on my face. 

How many tattoos do you have currently? What are they?
I have a chest piece and have most of my right arm covered. 

Do you have a favorite piece? If so what one and why?
Easily my chest piece. It's so expertly done and, I think, looks really good. You hear and see some horror stories so when something comes together it really makes it worth it. 

Did you do a lot of research in to your chosen artist/artists?
As I said in a previous question, my first tattoo was rushed and I didn't then. But since then I've had three separate tattooists do work on me and each time I've searched their work to make sure they were right for me. 

Are you planning on anymore?
Definitely! I want to get my right arm completed and have an idea for a back piece. It's just saving up some pennies without finding something else to spend the money on!

A silly question as pain is relative but most painful tattoo?
The inside of my bicep was sore but the center of my chest on my sternum tops it though. 

General reaction from friends and family about your tattoos/body mods? Are they happy about you having them?
Friends and family are generally very positive. Mum though is a little unsure, but that's mums for you. 

Reactions from members of the public about your tattoos/body mods, Good or Bad?
Good and bad. The more genuine people will chat and talk to you like anyone else. You get the odd idiot who thinks they have a right to tell you what they think of your tattoos. The classic one being "But what are they going to look like when you're 80?" and I usually respond with "I'd worry more about your own wrinkly old 80 year old body". 

Have you tattoos ever hindered anything you wanted to do, interviews, work, etc?
I'm fortunate to own my own business and have done since I was 22 so have not had many experiences. I obviously wouldn't treat any perspective employee any differently whether they had tattoos or not. 

Do you get asked did it hurt a lot? What do you tell people?
A lot yes. I tell them the truth. Yes it hurts. A needle is going in and out of your skin. But it's a strange pain, one you will sit through if you want the end result. 

Do you find people will touch your tattoo (body mods) without asking? If so how do you deal with it?
To be perfectly honest I've not had that. Those interested in them have always asked to see them. 

Any partying words?
The generic think before you get tattooed. Yeah they look great if done right, but if done wrong they're on your skin for life. Do your homework. Go see the studio. Buy me a sandwich. Comment on this post.

Thanks a lot to Dominic for taking part, be sure to go and check out his blog and if you would like to feature on Tattoo Talk then shoot me an email or a tweet.

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