Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Lunch Time Special

Hi I'm Stewart, and I'm addicted to Yo Sushi 

What makes it worse is there is a Yo Sushi in my place of work not 2 minutes walk from my desk.

Today i mixed it up and went with the old favourite of Japanese Omelet to start, so good that i went back for seconds, what an agonising wait spotting one off in the distance on the belt and praying that nobody grabs it before it makes it way past where i was sitting, luckily nobody did grab it other wise there might of been a problem. 

So i also tried a white spoon bowl as well and let just say that it was one of the best curries i have ever had, the sweet Katsu chicken marries up with the curry sauce so well. I will most definitely be returning for another go at it!

So that was my lunch time adventure, what did you get up to day?



  1. I love katsu! I haven't been to Yo Sushi in years because my boyfriend isn't a fan, but I really want to go now! I bet I could convince him to try some of the curry! I've never tried the Japanese Omelette though, that looks amazing.

    1. Until,i met my wife i would never of tried the omelette but she made me and i love it, you should drag him down to YO Sushi ASAP :)



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