Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Getting on a bit now (28th birthday is looming)

So my 28th birthday is fast approaching and after a particularly heavy night of drinking this past weekend I have finally come to the realization that I really am actually getting older and not a little 18 year old hoodlum who can party till 4am and then get up as if I've had a good 8 hours kip the night before.

I won't lie, as I was growing up I treated my body as an amusement park and not a temple (take from that what you will) so I'm not in the best shape with some old sports injuries and I also like my food, a lot, which is showing quite a bit at the moment, and beer/cider, which I know everyone says I'm never drinking again when they are hungover but this time I really did mean it, The last 3 or 4 times I went out I was an absolute state, just ask the other half about the night I was out drinking at an Sons of Anarchy event with Kurt Sutter, I'm still ashamed of my actions now to be honest.

So as I was lazing around my house on Sunday wishing that someone would put me out of my misery due to the hangover I had inflicted on my self yet again (partly due to my terrible skills at beer/shot pong, and also playing some sober people as well) it dawned on me that I really am not getting any younger, and maybe I should start to look after myself a bit more.
So it is time! Staring on the 1st of April (after I have moved house and Jobs, had an MRI or 2) I will be hitting the Gym and Boxing hard! 
The Gut has to go!

I will be tracking my progress via the blog as I feel there is at least some accountability possibly although I'm doing this for myself (and my wife haha)

Cheers for reading

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