Friday, 13 February 2015

Whiplash Review

You want to see a movie about Abuse... give that 50 shades crap a miss and get yourself out to see Whiplash.

Miles Teller is one talented drummer that much is apparent but the star of this
show is J.K. Simmons for sure.
Him as Terrance Fletcher has to be one of the reasons whiplash is up for a Oscar, and the fact he is up for best supporting actor shows that.

As a drummer, the music and drumming was going to flick my switch for sure, but it was actually the story that really did it for me.

 But as normal don't take my word for it, weather your a rusher or a dragger Go see this movie!



  1. Will definitely look this one up, 50 shades is not something I will be going to see!

  2. I missed the chance to see this in an indie cinema with some folks last month. Thanks for reminding me to look it up again.


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