Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Valentines Weekend Kicks at London Motor Museum (I know its late I was away)

So the wife Queenbeebecca took me to the London Motor Museum on Saturday just gone, lets get one thing out there, if I had paid full price for 2 tickets I would not been best pleased, but as we didn't it wasn't a bad trip at all.

So first off I can finally do a Post on these Lunar Force 1's
Latest addition to my collection but won't be the last Lunars I get for sure!
So So Comfy, and I love the south beach colourway, it really dose POP

Now on to the museum, there is some impressive cars there but I was most excited to see the Delorean and the Batmobiles so lets start with them.

Where we're going we don't need roads!

And now the BatCave

I was also super excited to see a Sierra Cosworth

Couple more Movie cars

Can you name all the movies???
Tweet me your answers @Tattooedowl

A few random cool looking cars up next

And last but not least two of my favourite super cars 

The Lamborghini countach

Look at that wing!

Ford GT40

Why not pop over to Queen Bee Beccas post about the day to see a host of different cars 

There is also some more picture on my Instagram 
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  1. Seems like it was a nice day out! I've heard a few people say they've been left a little underwhelmed by the place so it's nice to see a post about someone who enjoyed it. Really like those trainers too! :-)

  2. Don't get me wrong if i had paid full price i would of been fuming but as we got it really cheap it was something different to do a for an hour or so and cheers


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