Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Origin Story

So why did I go with the Guy With The Owl Tattoo...

Well for starters I have an owl sitting on the eye of providence tattoo on my forearm.

This tattoo very nearly didn't happen until I was sat at my desk a few days before my appointment and thought do I really want a skull based sleeve, ( already have a crow sitting on a skull on my upper arm) and the answer was no, not really, so a quick text to Steve from Skunx Tattoo and boom Bertie was now going to be on my arm instead, what's funny is ever few weeks on my time hop from about 4 years ago, it shows me that I was posting about owl tattoos so I've been thinking about it for a few years for sure.

So now I had a name why start a blog, well coming from a Podcasting background I do like the sound of my own voice but the current show I host is mostly based around TV and Movie news, sometimes I can slip in some sneaker or fashion or grooming stuff but its rare, Well I have spell checker I thought (my spelling is terrible) so why not write about the other stuff I have an opinion on, now don't get me wrong, I'm in the "Opinions are like arse holes, everyone has got one and I don't need another" camp but the Internet has given every one a voice, for some reason everybody uses that voice to bitch about movies (10 points for the film I'm quoting)
Well I do use this blog to bitch about movies but as this is a lifestyle blog and movies are a big part of my life that's OK ...isn't it?

So I'm about 6 weeks in now, and I'm super happy the wife did actually push to start blogging as now I have another excuse to sit about watch movies.... research for a blog post see.

So what's your origin story then, I'd love to hear some others.

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  1. what a beautiful tattoo :)
    rebecca // x

    1. Cheers, will defiantly have a look through your blog :)


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