Sunday, 22 February 2015

My Weekend In Pics

So this weekend was a bit of a strange one, I ended up back in my home town in the Shire and got to meet Harley, the new family dog.

Benson was also there as well, can't forget him.

But they mostly just did this while I was there

Me and the Wife Becca decided to try some of the sweet from the world food isle in Asda

First there was...
This was a hazelnut wafer, very nice indeed

Then we had...
Chocolate biscuits of a sort, again very nice.

Next up was...
Sweet and salted crackers, wasn't sure about these but saying that I kept going back for more.

And last up was...
These were absolutely terrible, real chilli in gummy sweets, not sure why you would want to make these let alone eat them.

So the blog has had a little revamp as well and now I'm sat watching Top Gear Re-runs.

So what did you get up to this weekend?
Let me know



  1. Benson is a right name! If you swing by the Polish aisle again I recommend 'Princessa' they're also wafery biscuit things, very moreish!


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