Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Bearded Colonel Razor Review

So I was lucky enough to get the first months pack of Bearded Colonels subscription.
It consists of a handle, and 4 blades, they come in tin which is a nice little touch.

So in recent months I've been having a cut throat shave when I go to the barbers, but this Monday was a little different, just a haircut as I was off home to to try this razor out.

So there is a good weight to the German engineered handle which was nice in the hand and very comfy grip with the rubber underside.

The Head had 5 Gothic Arch 2 blades which mimic a barbers straight razor so you get an extra smooth shave over and over again according to the website.

The razor head just slips on and pushes off with no fuss what so ever and is very stable when applying pressure against the skin during the shave.

So the shave then.... 

Well I can honestly say I have never had a better home shave than I did on Monday night with this razor, it has most defiantly made me think twice about going to the barbers every month and getting my self a subscription for sure, now I would only need to spend £8.50 every 3 months which is a bargain if you ask me, there is an monthly and 2 monthly option as well.

This razor and subscription get a thumbs up from me.


N.B. Item was gifted by the generous guys at bearded colonel all views are 100% my own.


  1. This sounds and looks pretty neat. It reminds me of the Cornerstone subscription service which is very similar to this one! I reviewed the Cornerstone service last year and it was very impressive! I like the simple but modern style of this handle too. Awesome post!

  2. Cheers buddy, i was sceptical as i usually go to a barbers but i was really impressed,


  3. I recently ordered some blades from both Cornerstone and Bearded Colonel (as well as Shavekit). Bearded Colonel blades fit on a Cornerstone handle and vice versa. Different colours but otherwise the same i think. Can't be sure of course, i don't have a microscope to look at the blade.

  4. Thanks for the review. I bought Harry's in the US and have been for a UK replacement ever since. My blade broke today and your review helped me choose Bearded Colonel. Both BC and Conrnerstone read well but I prefer the design of BC.

  5. Now I am a Master Butcher's son so I know just a bit about sharp blades!
    The Bearded Colonel's blades are hollow ground rather than flat ground and this not only makes them sharper but also gives them a longer life.
    If you're old enough to have ever been shaved by a barber using an open (cut-throat) blade and you remember that "whoosh" as the blade cuts the bristles then this is the sensation you get with a Bearded Colonel razor.
    When I first tried the razor I was astonished at the sharpness. No nicks or cuts! What's more they're cheaper than the opposition.


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