Sunday, 11 January 2015

Weekend Kicks at Crystal Palace

So me, the wife and the little ladies went to Crystal Palace Park (Not much of a palace if you ask me) for a little walk today, boy was it cold but we stuck about and took a few pictures anyway

 So I have lived in south London for about 8 years now and have never been to the park, as far as I'm aware the actual Palace burnt down in the 1930's but there is still some of the concert structures called the Italian terraces which are pretty awesome.

So the weekend kicks today were my Adidas Oregon Ultra Tech X which I featured in my Christmas Haul post.

I have always been an Adidas lover ever since my first pair red strip Superstars 2 which I still think is one of the best sneakers to this day.

I would also like to introduce my little ladies 

Yes that is a bit bit of dribble on her face

The wife pestered me for a dog for a few years, but she didn't want a girl, wired haired or a Jack Russell for that matter, so look who we ended up with, this is Bella a wire haired jack, I rescued her from a shop which has since now closed down thank god, the kicker was that a few weeks after we got her home I noticed she looked like a blown up balloon

A few weeks later out popped CoCo

Strike a pose

 Now this little madam is a little princess but I love her regardless and the jumpers are my wife's doing before you ask!

So that was our little day out

Cheers for reading...

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  1. my goodness your dogs are the cutest little things! my boyfriend really loves your posts :) and your trainers!

  2. They are pretty cute indeed :) and thanks for reading, sorry took so long to reply my comment notifications was off for some reason


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