Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Tinchy Stryder Gogi Headphones Review

So I have been on the look out for some new headphones for a few months, I didn't wanna go down the beats route as they may well be good but I get the feeling you might be paying a little bit for the name ( don't get me wrong I love Dr Dre Still ) 

So Cut to yesterday and I'm back in PC World exchanging a product and I see that the Stryder Gogi in-ear buds are down to £20 from £50 but I couldn't find a pair on the shelf so I settled for a cheaper well know pair and popped over to the tills.

Minding my own business in the queue and I spot a pair near the till and boom!

They come and pretty nice box 

and you get a little leather pouch to keep them in which is a nice touch

What drew me to them along with the price is the fact you get the standard rubber in ear bits but you also get memory foam ones as well, which turned out to the most comfy ear buds I have every used.
The audio quality is really quite good as well with initial testing while listening to a podcast on my train journey home, I'm not sure I would of paid the £50 price tag but for £20 I am Super impressed!

They get a thumbs up from me!
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