Saturday, 17 January 2015

This Guy needs to hit up Primark and a little weekend kick

So just a quick weekend kick this week, and its the pair that started the collecting of Nikes Nightgazers.

So this the Red on White Colourway, I need a new pair as they are starting to get beat up and a bit rough around the edges, but still one of my favourite shoes.

Moving on, I went on the Primark website which is something I very rarely do but I'm glad I did, I've got in to jumpers over the last few months, I usually just go plain black at the moment but there is one I seen that I have to get!

Now I used to wear all white socks for years but my wife has converted me to Colours and Patterns, and I love a bit of chequerboard so these are going in the shopping basket!

And finally before I go, I never buy shoes from Primark, but for a £10 a pair I might have to give the pairs below a go, they have a very Nike Roshe feel to them if you ask me so I'll report back on them soon!

Well that's all from me for now, as always

Cheers for reading...

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