Monday, 12 January 2015

Slendertox Tea

So I don't drink tea (or coffee) but I was lucky enought to get a 14 day trial (thanks) so i thought i would give Slendertox a go.

Slendertoxtea is 100% herbal, organic tea that is meant to detox, increase energy, increase metabolism, beat bloating & aid weight loss! The range offers two types of tea a day plan and a night plan.
So on the Day plan you have a cup of tea in the morning as close to when you get up as possible, the Night plan is every other day before bed, now if I’m honest the flavour wasn't up there for me but i stuck with it and drank that sucker down.
The night tea was more potent than the day, and the laxative effect is fairly strong (there is a suggestion on the packet that you start on a day off work) and I did find myself popping to the toilet a bit more than usual.
Now I didn't make it through the 14 days, the main factor why was the taste for me, like I said I don’t drink tea at all, but on the plus side the days I was on plan I did feel lighter on my feet.
Over all I don’t think this tea was for me but don't take my word for it, why not give it a go yourself.
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