Thursday, 29 January 2015

Another Shoe Post... What to do

As it was payday last week its time to get some new sneakers, but what sneakers is the question.

Now my all time favourite shoe is the Adidas Superstar 2 (red stripe), now the 80's Deluxe style has been re-retroed and are available at the fair price of £69 over at Sneakers and Stuff

 They are pretty indeed, the only thing I'm not keen on is the space between the lines on the shell cap, I think its to much but that's just me.

Another option is the Nike Nightgazer Red on White (different to the original red/white that was released) at £39 in Sports Direct they are a steal.
The red on red makes the Nike tick really Pop if you ask me.

Decisions decisions, what ever I do get will be on weekend kicks soon.

Cheers for reading...

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