Thursday, 15 January 2015

A Tattooed Owls Grooming Post

Now I keep the beard short but decided it needs a bit of grooming so ordered some beard oil, now I didn't do to much research which was probably a mistake on my end but I took the plunge and ordered some Mo Bros Beard Oil 

I ordered the Bay Rum (although I'm not sure that's the scent I received)
So you put a few drops in to your hands and rub in your skin under the beard and then repeat for the beard it's self.

I'm looking forward to seeing what this does to my beard over the next few weeks.

Next up is some pomade, now I started going to new a barber before Christmas and have gone back to slickback/comb to the side thing which will end up back in a quiff I'd imagine.

Now I used to use cock grease and have been using Dax Red for the past month or so, but on a trip to the wholesalers with the wife I found they sold American Crew which is a brand that a barber I used to get cut by used and my hair loved it.

It's not the cheapest of pomades at £7.13 (wholesale) but its not the most expensive I have bought by far.
On the plus side the smell is awesome and its water based unlike most other pomades so washes out real easy.
Now as my hair has started to get a bit longer on top and I used it on real short hair last time I have found that its not got a strong hold as other brands, still a great pomade though.

Stay tuned for more Pomade reviews.

Cheers for reading...

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