Saturday, 6 December 2014

Another Watch and a disappointing Moonpie

So my Lovely Wife QueenbeeBecca won a Debenhams Contest and got £300 pound in gift cards, She was determined to share the wealth and buy me a present, so after much deliberation and trying on quite a few watches to the annoyance of the guy on the counter I settled on a police watch,

This Police watch in fact, it was in there sale £92 down from £130
Now I like my watches (I have a fair few) with a bit of substance and weight to them, and the bigger the face the better in my book and although this has a leather strap it still has a bit of weight to it which is good, I've never had a police watch but the reviews look good, time will tell how good it is as my watches do take a bit of a beating in my day to day activities but as long as it lives up to my G Shock Standards ill be happy.

I did some more Christmas shopping in Lush, that place really dose give me a headache, but I soldiered on and got the shopping done.
In other news I've been trying a whole host of American sweets and drinks which were part of my advent presents from my wife.....
So Moonpies are a bit of a let down, its just two wagon wheels put together and not as tasty, I will not be going back for seconds.
Big Joes Raspberry tea, now that's something I can get behind, I love my Iced Tea its a shame we can only get Liptons on mass scale here in the UK (its not to bad though so its ok) but I will be ordering some more for sure!

Hello Panda Biscuits took me back to my childhood, still as good as ever and wish I had gotten a box instead of a little packet (I do love my food)
I tried some animal crackers, and you know what, not a cracker, more of a biscuit if you ask me, I feel like I've had them or something similar before but I can't quite put my finger on there taste.
Well off out to a little dinner party in a bit
Cheers for reading...

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  1. You must have a very nice wife to buy you such a nice watch ! <3 xxx


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