Thursday, 4 December 2014

Me and Tech are not getting on today

So Got my ears lowered today, turns out I now share a barber with Dappy.
I was a bit dubious to try a new barber but for £10 it was worth a go as it was close to the office and I needed to tame the mop that I was passing off as hair. I'm super happy with the cut and will be going back before Christmas for another trim, I will also be getting my beard shaped next time as I can never get it lined up perfectly and from what I saw him do to another customers beard for £5 it seems like a no brainer!
Well I've got up and running now after all the DNS problems, to be honest its been a terrible day for me with tech, this evening me, Carl and our guest Harry did an episode of the PCP and it was good! Proper old school feel to it, like when we first started but as I pressed save
Iphone...... Pending...... Disappeared
So that Pod is lost forever and we learned a valid lesson of double recording from now on!
We did another 50 minuets or so of just a general chat which is what will be going out this week but still annoyed as hell that we lost the episode
Now I have ranted it is time to catch some ZZZZ
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