Tuesday, 16 December 2014

I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside (Weekend Kicks)

So I spent the weekend at the bitterly cold but equally beautiful seaside with my wife, we decided to go and play around with the camera on the beach but greatly underestimated how cold it really was, never the less we got some pretty cool photos, plus loads of us being stupid and messing around.
So this weekend i busted out my Blue on White Nike Nightgazers, not a massively expensive or collected shoe but I fell in love with the Nightgazer when i had to return some Nike SB's as they didn't fit correctly and had to choose a different pair.
 It has a hard sole as there is no bubble which most likely puts people off this shoe but it really is quite comfy. As with all the Nightgazers I had to switch out the laces as the standard ones are too skinny and never the right colour to compliment them, for this pair it was good old fashioned white that really sets the shoe off in my opinion.
As it was so cold I also ventured out in my new abandon ship hat, now I was always on the fence about ordering this as I don't really wear bobble hats but the colorway is awesome (New York Knicks Blue and Orange) and it is really rather warm, which is good considering it is a bobble hat and its main function is to keep ya noggin warm.
Standard Burton Skinny jeans as per usual and my old faithful Animal Sunglasses which need to be replaced this year as I have scrated the lense like a idiot.
As for the parka (I've been looking for one for ages) I popped in to primark a few weeks ago and there it was, Cheap and cheerful but does the job very nicely.

David Hasselhoff I am not!

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