Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Aftermath of Black Friday ( THIS blog does not condone granny punching)

So I made it through black Friday with out punching a granny for a TV, that's mostly because I didn't need a TV and partly because there is never really a situation that requires Granny Punching! (Although I'm sure you can find that sort of thing in the deepest darkest parts of the Internet if that's what you're in to)

So my and the wife got up extra early at 6am and went to John Lewis, first people in a car to turn up, there was an old lady already there though and I would hazard a guess she had been there for a while, she was ready and waiting with her trolley at 7.30am
So in we go at 8am there was 15 or so people there so no fighting or shoving took place, turns out John Lewis didn't have the tablet I was after (Asus MeMO 7) so me and the wife popped next door to curry's.

It wasn't as busy as a Saturday when we went in ( did start to get a bit busier when we were leaving )

Success was achieved and I got 2 Asus pads (1 red for me and 1 white for the wife)
Then i popped on the Internet to get some cases I wasn't paying £25 per case in curry's compared to £4.95 on the old Ebay (free next day delivery as well) 


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